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Entry #2

Reviewing substandard submissions

2008-11-04 02:54:51 by poetafit

Is it bad that I get a little pleasure out of slamming a spam-type submission? There are a couple of groups or individuals in particular who submit their rapidly churned out submissions, and none have any kind of quality to them.
I notice most of them like to act "hardcore", "tough", "gangsta", or whatever you care to call it. I also notice that none of them take criticism very well. This leads me to take special pleasure in slamming their submissions for some reason. I know it is probably a little unfair, not because I rate them any harder than anyone else, but because I actively watch for their submissions so I can review them.
Anybody else feel that way?


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2009-01-06 02:19:53

yeah definately. these people deliberately do it. They know its spam, so i say give em hell